Chain Coupling



The chain coupling consists of a duplex roller chain and two sprockets. The function of connection and separation is accomplished by the connection of the chain. It is simple, efficient, easy to put on and take off, beautiful and elegant.
It also has an aluminum cover to keep out dirt and protect lubricants, making the chain coupling last longer.

Chain Coupling

Specification CCHC CC16022
Applicable Range of Shaft: 80-200
Pilot: 70
A(mm): 440
d(mm): 279
O (mm): 405
L (mm): 310.1
I (mm): 140.0
S (mm): 30.1
B (mm): 245
C (mm): 58.5
Max Angular (Degree):
Bolt: M16
Max Torque (Nm): 38100
Max Revolution (rpm): 1000
Moment of Inertia (kgcm²): 32220.0
The required amount of grease (kg): 9.9
G (kg) 187.0

Chain Couplings: Features and Benefits

1. High-quality chain couplings that absorb angular or radial misalignment
2. Compact and simple construction allows for quick assembly
3. requires little maintenance
4. high precision manufacturing
5. Available from stock, available at short notice
6. Available in the standard version and many special versions
7. High quality due to frequent inspection