D35 L50 Clamp couplings



Aluminum alloy plum elastic coupling
7075 aluminum alloy Hardness up to 98%
Screw size
Stainless steel 304 magnitude 12.9 screw
Elastomer material
Taiwan imported polyurethane plum blossom pad
Surface treatment
Surface anodic oxidation treatment
Clamping type coupling easy installation/no rotary clearance/transmission efficiency is very high

Product information

Outside Diameter:35mm

Angular Deviation:≤1°

Radial Deviation:0.02mm
Axial Deviation:0.6mm
Our services: According to drawings or samples to manufacture products,or provide the model number of supports,then we can confirm
the end machined type.
RF power supply matche
Used:KK module
Ball screw
Stepper motor
Screen printing machine
Carving machine
Servo motor
Medical image diagnostic device
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