Rigid Clamp Couplings



Specifications of Rigid Couplings

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Rigid Coupling Specification

Advantages of Clamp Coupling

1. They provide superior strength because they use two materials (usually steel) instead of just one (screw). For these reasons and more, their higher cost makes them worth considering if you need to work on a large project.
2. In manufacturing, clamp couplings are often used when the equipment requires a quick, effective and efficient way to connect two shafts.
3. It eliminates the need for separate plumbing, which can be expensive and difficult to install in tight spaces.
4. It offers high strength, increased reliability, safe operation under load, and no axial leakage of liquids and solids unless mounted above the sealing lip.
5. The material for this type of coupling can be made from any available metal, depending on size and length.