IEC Stainless Steel Motor B3 Foot Mounted-TENV

Description Of Stainless Steel Motor

The AQUA-TECH SERIES of stainless steel motor, which have special feat performance and value, top-notch features make AQUA-TECH SERIES products the be a worldwide influence. It includes NEMA and IEC standard motors which have per differ manufacturer standard

Frame Type Poles A A/2 B C D E F G H K P Shaft Hole AB AC AD
63 2, 4 100 50 80 40 11 23 23 8.5 63 7 114 M4 125 114 117
71 2,4,6 112 56 90 45 14 30 30 11 71 7 134 M5 140 134 129
80 125 62.5 100 50 19 40 40 15.5 80 10 144 M6 150 144 135
90S 140 70 100 56 24 50 50 20 90 9 164 M8 164 164 147

Specifications of IEC Stainless steel motor

Frame KW Mounting IP
63 0.18 B3, B5, B14, B34, B35 IP55
71 0.25, 0.37
80 0.55, 0.75
90 1.1, 1.5
100 2.2, 3.0
112 4.0
1332 5.5, 7.5

It is also available if you have any special requirements for the motor.

Features of IEC Stainless steel motor

▎Stainless steel servo motor, static torque 0.45 to 20nm, peak torque 64nm
▎Stainless steel servo reduction motor with planetary gear or bevel gear
▎The shell adopts stainless steel V2a 1.4301 (AISI 304) or V4A 1.4404 (AISI 316L) or an anodized aluminum shell
▎Surface and flange installation (imb5, IMB14)
▎Protection grade up to ip66k / ip69k under flushing conditions
▎Large speed regulation range
▎Ul/CSA certification
▎EHEDG certification is pending (expected in 2022)
▎Feedback using a resolver or preface, EnDat, or drive clip encoder
▎Single cable technology (OCT)
▎Braking options
▎AC servo motor, DC servo motor, and AC asynchronous motor
▎Decentralized servo motor with integrated servo controller
▎Delivered with servo controller or frequency converter
▎Custom design

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Stainless Steel Motor Manufacturer

To ensure reliable consumer protection, the design requirements for food and pharmaceutical machinery have always been high. All components in the machine must also meet these requirements.
Since its establishment,hzpt has continuously developed stainless steel servo motors, gear motors, and torque motors with hygienic designs. A comprehensive range of products can be used with corrosive and effective cleaners and disinfectants as well as high-pressure cleaners to achieve CIP.

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